How to build a perfect wardrobe

How to build a perfect wardrobe:

Since this is the first article of my section, I wouldn’t like to start talking about my clothing and my style. My goal is to advice you how to build your own wardrobe and how to enjoy your clothing as much as you can.

There are several myths and truths in style building:

Myth: All clothes and styles match all people since fashion trends are the same throughout the world .

Truth: Not all outfits and styles match all people. When building style and image, a person must first take into account several characteristics; age, character and body type are important factors that make style differ among people. Moreover, one factor that is almost taken into account while choosing clothing is the cultural factor. Different countries have different styles. For example, the young adults in New York expect their peers to dress in a certain way, a way that totally differs from the way we dress in Greece. Since America is a free spirit, nobody would judge another person because of his/her appearance while in Greece people are constantly being judged as too…“eccentric” or too “hipster”; “too” in general. So, the age, character, body type and cultural influences are the basic factors that should shape the way we dress.

Myth: Buying two pieces of cheap clothing is better that buying one expensive piece of clothing.

Truth: Due to the economic crisis, this statement could be considered as true – while it’s not. Why spending money on an item which you already know that is not going to last for more than two months? I believe that a complete wardrobe is being built throughout the years by collecting basic items from all over the world. If you want me to talk about myself, my wardrobe is built by buying basic items (the perfect black pair of parts, the smart classy dress, the classic black vernis pumps etc) from Greece while enhancing my closet with unique accessories ordered brought from all over the world (e. g my red heart shaped Moschino sunglasses from Italy). So, I believe that you can’t build the perfect closet within a short period, it takes a lot of preparation and research to do so.

Myth: Accessories are not as important as the basic items needed o build a wardrobe.

Truth: Accessories can twist the style of your clothing. Even if you keep wearing the same basic wardrobe clothing all year long, by combining them with unique scarves, shoes, bags and jewelleries you can match the fashion trends of any period. While buying accessories, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. You have to remember that fashion changes rapidly, it comes and goes. In other words, what is fashionable now may not be fashionable the day after.

Myth: I cannot create my own personal style, I have to follow fashion by the book in order to be trendy.

Truth: A style is built, not copied. By taking into account likes and dislikes and taking advice from fashion books, one can built his/her own style and start a new fashion trend. This is what most fashions icons did e. g Lady Gaga, and they managed to have fashion followers. Right now, I am reading a book called “How to be Gorgeous” (by Nicky Hambleton – Jones) which has helped me reshape my personal style and image. You should try spending some time reading before building your wardrobe, it actually works.

Creating the perfect wardrobe is difficult, by following those advice I managed to create my personal trends and create an image that totally reflects me.

If you have any comments – questions and advice, feel free to contact me at georgina.mak@hotmail.com.

Georgina ❤

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